Job opportunity for Brazilian and MBA scholarship at University of Salamanca

First of all, as part of this Career Development Plan, Global Exchange will pay registration fees to study this MBA at the University of Salamanca. All the other conditions of the Career Development Plan will be agreed according to the merits of each candidate. Therefore, the steps to follow are:

   1 - Carefully read the conditions of Global Exchange Scholarship-Contract. The conditions of every Scholarship-Contract are available at, clicking on the Scholarship section and, finally, on the Scholarship-Contract subsection.

    2 - Send your Curriculum Vitae to, as indicated in Step 1 of the admission process at

    3 - Take the on-line English level test, as indicated in Step 2 of the admission process at

   4 - Once completed the abovementioned steps, candidates will be assessed and the corresponding interview will be conducted by the Human Resources Department of the Global Exchange Group.

    5 - According to the merits of the candidates, the Company will offer them a Career Development Plan. 

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